Speed awareness course: all you need to know

If you’re caught speeding, you could take a speed awareness course instead of getting points on your licence – our guide explains all
Most motorists pride themselves on being careful, considerate drivers, and maintaining a driving licence free from penalty points is a source of pride for many. With the ever-increasing prevalence of speed cameras and mobile police checks, however, a moment’s inattention to the limit could see you penalised.

Fortunately, in some instances, it’s possible to forgo penalty points and take a half-day speed awareness course instead. Doing so could prevent money on your automobile insurance, as you won’t have a speeding conviction to declare to your provider – though you’ll need to tell them you’ve taken the course.

When would you be offered a speed awareness course?
If you have been caught speeding, you will receive a letter informing you of the consequences. In many cases, you will be able to choose from three options: paying the fine and taking the points, going to court to settle it, or taking a speed awareness course.

You will be able to enrol on a speed awareness course if it is your first speeding offence or if you haven’t been caught in the past three years. You’re only eligible for a speed awareness course if the police offer it to you as a choice. On top of that, there are set speeds that qualify for a speed awareness course; if you were speeding by more than these amounts, you won’t have the option to attend a course. The amount by which you can break the speed limit and still be eligible to take a speed awareness course is between 10% of the speed limit plus 3km/h, to 10% of the limit plus 14km/h.

− 40km/h limit: speeding between 46km/h and 53km/h
− 50km/h limit: speeding between 57km/h and 64km/h
− 60km/h limit: speeding between 68km/h and 75km/h
− 70km/h limit: speeding between 79km/h and 86km/h
− 80km/h limit: speeding between 90km/h and 107km/h

Speed awareness course: eligibility
Not every driver caught speeding are going to be offered the prospect to require a speed awareness course, partly because not all police forces subscribe to the programme. there’s also a limit to what proportion you’ll break the regulation by if your speeding is excessive, you’ll tend penalty points and a fine, also as a possible court appearance, without a choice.

Also, if it’s been but three years since your last speeding offence, you won’t tend the choice of attending a speed awareness course.

Speed awareness course: what proportion does it cost?
Different police forces use different organisations to supply the speed awareness course, and every charge a special amount, though they typically cost around £100. this is often roughly an equivalent because the standard Fixed Penalty Notice you’d receive for a ticket, but if you’re taking the speed awareness course you don’t get any points placed on your licence. Some providers may allow you to pay the course fee in instalments before attending.

Speed awareness course: what to expect
The speed awareness course may be session offered  by a variety of independent companies, including BDTAS. Although there’s no exam to pass, you’ve got to display a ‘positive attitude’ throughout the course and contribute to group discussions. The session is meant to scale back the likelihood of you speeding in future, and can include information about stopping distances, improving awareness of your surroundings, and dealing out the regulation of an unfamiliar road. it’ll also touch on the possible consequences of speeding.

Remember to require photo ID with you, and confirm you reach least quarter-hour before the course starts. you want to attend the complete duration of the course and, once completed, the course provider will notify the police that you’ve attended and you won’t face any longer action.

Speed awareness course: how long does it take?
A speed awareness course takes half each day or less. It’ll usually run about four hours, with a while for an opportunity within the middle of the session. Courses happen throughout the week but also during the evenings and weekends, so you won’t necessarily need to take day off work to attend. consider it as a complicated driver training course (albeit a compulsory one), and it’ll appear to be alittle price to pay to stay a clean driver’s license .

Do I even have to inform my insurer if I take a speed awareness course?
This is a rather gray area . While any speeding convictions and points must legally be declared to your insurance firm (or any potential insurer when getting quotes), the onus is on the insurer to ask about whether you’ve taken a speed awareness course. While this is often information many online comparison sites don’t require you to supply , some insurance companies do ask this question once you remove cover. If they ask, you want to answer truthfully, alternatively risk invalidating your policy.

It’s a wise idea to travel through your policy carefully to work out if this is often a neighborhood your premium provider asked about once you took out your insurance. If it was, you ought to contact them and inform them you’ve taken the course. Do remember that some companies will increase your premium if they learn you’ve taken a speed awareness course as – while you won’t are given any points – they’ll view you as a more of a risk than someone who hasn’t been caught speeding.

Speed awareness course: commonly asked questions
Can you fail the course?
If you don’t complete the course during a satisfactory way (quitting the workshop before it finishes or not participating during a positive way), then you’ll need to take the points or be summoned to court. Do this, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be refunded the value of the course.

How many people are going to be on the course?
There will be two course trainers and up to 24 attendees who are caught speeding.

Is there any driving involved during a speed awareness course?
No, the course is classroom-based and you don’t got to bring your car if you don’t want to.

How do I book a speed awareness course?
Once you’ve got received a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the police, you’ll got to accept the offer of a course and return the shape within the deadline stated on your letter. The letter will tell you which of them organisation is providing courses in your area, and the way to book online. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details and the way to urge to the situation .

Can I take a speed awareness course at the weekend?
Yes, courses are usually held seven days every week and may be attended within the morning, afternoon or evening.