Key Driver Training Syllabus- Instructions

Do Lessons 1 – 8 in order

You must take KEY DRIVER TRAINING (KDT) Lessons 1 – 8 in that order. By then, you will have built up skills and experience so Lessons 9 – 12 can be taken in any order.

Leave two weeks between lessons

You should leave at least two weeks between lessons to allow for practice and learning. This may involve further lessons with an ADI but must also include practice sessions with a Sponsor or a mixture of both.

Reference materials

Barbados Driver Training Advisory Services (BDTAS) publishes reference materials such as the Rules of the Road and the Car Learner Manual, which you may find useful.

Spread lessons over six months

If you combine practice, study, and instruction you will have the best chance of meeting the expected outcomes of the KEY DRIVER TRAINING (KDT) programme. Therefore, we recommend that you should take at least six months to complete the 12 KEY DRIVER TRAINING (KDT) lessons.