Keep a Space Cushion to the Front

Good drivers keep a safe following distance so they can see well. The more space you allow between your car and the car ahead, the more time you will have to see a hazard down the road and the ability to avoid it!

Steering will be easier if you have a big picture of your intended path of travel. Keep enough space between your car and the car in front of you so that it does not block your view. Driving in the center of the lane also improves your view of the roadway.

Following too closely causes most rear-end collisions. A good safety rule is to keep a following distance of not less than three seconds. Consult your state’s Drivers Handbook for details.

You will have to increase the following distance in some cases, e.g., when you follow a motorcycle, pull a trailer, carry a heavy load, drive in adverse weather conditions or slippery roads.

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