What is the objective for Lesson 4?

During this lesson, your ADI should make sure that you can regulate and maintain good control over the speed of your vehicle in lower risk driving situations, such as quiet residential areas, quite local and rural roads.


What is the minimum this lesson should cover?

At the very least this fourth lesson must cover the following aspects of speed management on public roads:

  • controlling speed.
  • speed limits.
  • stopping distances.
  • effects of road and weather conditions.
  • driving too fast.


Expected outcomes: what should I have learned at the end of Lesson 4?

At the end of the fourth lesson, you should be able to show:

  • .. you know how to adjust the speed of your vehicle appropriately for speed limits and road layouts.

You should also be able to explain the effects of:

  • .. road and weather conditions; and
  • .. a vehicle’s load on stopping distances at different speeds.

You should be able to explain the potential effects of driving too fast and braking too hard on:

  • .. your own safety.
  • .. the safety of passengers.
  • .. the safety of other road users; and
  • .. on the environment.




How should I prepare for Lesson 5?

To achieve the expected outcomes from Lesson 5, you should have:

  • completed Lesson 1 to Lesson 4.


Practice is key

To feel confident about meeting the learning objectives, you should also have:

  • read the expected outcomes of this lesson.
  • done enough practice with your ADI, Sponsor, or both; and
  • done any relevant study.

Specifically, you should have practised the use of correct speed in different situations for at least three hours.

You should also have read the sections in the Rules of the Road on:

  • speed management; and
  • correct positioning.

You should have acted on any feedback your ADI gave you at the end of your last KEY DRIVER TRAINING (KDT) lesson.