Post Collision Driving Course

Post Collision Driving Course

Being involved in a road traffic collision (RTC) can have devastating results. It’s often only after a collision had occurred that someone’s driving comes into focus.


We offer personalized post-collision driving courses for drivers that are involved in either an at-fault or non-fault road traffic collision. We help both business and personal clients.


Our post-collision driving courses are ideal for companies that:


  1. Have a policy in situ to supply training for all employees after a collision
  2. Want to make sure the wellbeing and safety of an employee once they return to driving
  3. Want to require a proactive approach to a driver who has had a collision, and to make sure their driving is assessed for any “at-risk” factors, which might be putting them at a greater risk of a (similar) collision in the future.


Our post-collision driving courses, from a driver’s perspective, are ideal if:

  1. the driving force has lost confidence as a result of their collision
  2. They feel discussing their collision with a knowledgeable person and receiving personalized one-to-one training will help them
  3. They have developed a negative attitude as a result of the collision


Post Collision Driving Course Content:


All our post-collision driving courses are designed around the driver. Some may need an assessment after a minor collision, others may have serious anxiety or PTSD related symptoms after a significant RTC. regardless of the driver, regardless of the situation, we have a team of highly skilled and sympathetic DTAS registered fleet/advanced driving instructors, who can help. There are a number of the items we cover:

* Discussion about the drivers RTC if appropriate

* Working with the driver to assist/ create an ideal course of action, whilst supporting their unique needs

* Discuss and address the precise things that they find most anger/anxiety provoking

* the way to quickly develop their driving confidence for all kinds of roads

* Speed awareness

* Developing a positive attitude towards safer driving

* the way to become a safer driver on all roads

* Car control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)

* Reversing and manoeuvres

* Discussing and overcoming negative opinions

* Driving in heavy traffic and motorways

* Eco-safe driving

* Anticipation – Learning to ascertain and not just look

* Understanding other road users and their intentions

Some of the subjects will be covered, other won’t – it depends on the individual we are training. We never just offer an “off-the-peg” solution.


We offer a variety of courses:

1 x 3.5hr – $280

1 x 7hr – $400

2 x 3.5hr – $380

3 x 3.5hr – $480

4 x 3.5hr – $600

5 x 3.5hr – $708

After the training, you’ll receive a full driving report, which can outline the driving standard both before and after the training. We assess a driver in 25 key areas and score them either excellent, very good, good, adequate or poor. We do that at the beginning and at the end, so you’ll see the development, and in what areas. There will also be notes from the tutor.

This report (and course) are going to be completed by knowledgeable DTAS registered advanced driving instructor. The tutors DTAS license number are going to be recorded on this report. Please contact us for more information and a member of our team are will be pleased to assist.