The Advanced Driving Session – On The Day

The Beginning

We first perform brief car checks and check the licence of the driver. We also do an eyesight test, as a matter of routine. These are standard checks any quality driver trainer should perform before training. We then allow the driver to drive for around 20 minutes so we will get an understanding of the level they are currently at, and the best way we can personalize the training to suit their needs.

The Training

After the initial drive has taken place and the driver has had a chance to relax, we start the personalized training, which commences with a brief debrief. Training is predicated on the requirements of the driver and covers training on a variety of roads. We cover; awareness, car control, creating a positive attitude to driving, observation, planning, rules of the road, road signs, and much much more. 

The End

At the end of the course, we use this time to offer constructive feedback on how the training has gone and to also let the driver give feedback too. We offer a full driving report for every driver. The report is sent, by email, a couple of days after the course.