About Us

BDTAS is a private partnership owned and operated by the principal team.  Our key role is the re-education and retraining of experienced drivers. BDTAS was formed in 2015 because of the trainers being unable to find suitable Driving Instructors to start up a driving school.  We trained our driving instructors to conduct lessons to a high standard, in a professional and structured way.

We look at your driving skills and refine them to enhance Road Safety…

We participate in;

  • Advanced Driving Test development,
  • Advanced Driver Training,
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • Assessments on behalf of Barbados Road Safety Association,
  • Remedial training for both private and company drivers and
  • Young Driver Training.

Our team;

  • has always exceeded expectations,
  • are highly disciplined,
  • are committed to bringing the most current advanced driver techniques, to our impressive range of services,
  • are proud of the work we do, 
  • continually improve our skills by continuously training and retraining,
  • consider being “The Best” in the game, as essential,
  • have the belief that it’s not necessarily our ‘right’ to drive and teach on our roads but rather that it is a ‘privilege’ and therefore we should do so safely, courteously, professionally and skillfully, with the emphasis on “Safe Driving for Life!”.
  • offer customizable, private, and commercial driver education.

BDTAS is positioned as an experienced training team with excellent customer services. We train, assess, and certify our instructors and trainers, who deliver all our training products. BDTAS Trainers are flexible and can work around the client’s availability.


To create a safer environment for all road users, whilst setting “The Driving Standard”.


  • To successfully improve road user behaviour through individual and public education,
  • To provide productive, high quality, convenient and comprehensive driving tests at a reasonable cost,
  • To have confident clients’ graduate our programs, with safe driving records.
  • To increase community ownership and partnerships to enhance road safety,
  • To enhance behavioural and attitudinal changes in drivers,
  • To be a one-stop facility for all driver training needs. In this way, the company could offer greater perceived value for the customer that he/she can proudly use for their entire driving career,
  • To provide textbook Driver Services that promote Road Safety while enhancing processes and productivity.

At BDTAS we aim to provide an efficient and responsive service. We develop and set high training and assessment standards, but we also want to meet them.

Although we do all we can to exceed your expectations, sometimes, things can go wrong. And when they do, we want you to tell us so we can put things right – we will do all we can to prevent the same thing from happening again. we can only continue to improve our service by listening and responding to your feedback. So please share your comments, compliments, and complaints with us.