Nervous Drivers Driving Anxiety Specialists

Over a quarter of drivers on the roads of Barbados are anxious or nervous in one way or another. From butterflies about ‘large or fast’ junctions to a complete fear of driving, BDTAS can help you to overcome these challenges.

Our exceptional insight into anxiety, along with over thirty years as Driving Instructors, will assist you to identify concerns and fears and can work with you, to assist building coping skills and real road confidence.

Areas of which BDTAS can help:

  • Anxiety of driving in new areas,
  • Avoiding:
    • dual carriageways,
    • roundabouts,
    • busy junctions, or
    • heavy traffic
  • Difficulty driving after being criticised by your other half,
  • Driving test nerves or repeatedly failing the test when you can drive to the test standard,
  • Driving after health challenges,
  • Drivers who keep committing driving faults,
  • Experienced mature drivers who have lost confidence or have not driven for a while,
  • Fear of:
    • collisions and experiencing anxiety or panic attacks after a collision,
    • night driving,
    • rain, or
    • space/ gaps.
  • General lack of confidence in your driving ability,
  • Nervous driving alone or with passengers,
  • Speeding, drink/drug driving or having road rage,
  • Having encountered road rage.


Professional Help

BDTAS specialises in assisting new and existing drivers with driving anxiety. We will calmly assess your level of anxiety, using a basic in-car scoring system (for more severe sufferers, we may use self-assessment sheets). This will help us to understand what’s triggering and/or could also be increasing levels of excitement. Once we discover the trigger, we will work together as a team to assist design lessons around the challenge and to build up your confidence and overcome your fear of driving.