Turning left at traffic signals


  • To legally and safely turn left at an intersection with traffic signals (traffic lights).


  • In a 50–60km/h zone.
  • On a two-way road with a 90-degree turn at an intersection that has traffic signals.

The driver should

    • Check the mirrors (inside and outside).
    • Check blind spot for traffic by looking over shoulder.
    • Indicate left for at least three seconds before starting to turn.
    • Select the left lane, or position the vehicle to the left of the lane.
    • Search well ahead through the intersection for hazards.
    • Slow the vehicle down before the intersection.
    • If the signal is yellow or red, bring the vehicle to a complete stop at the limit line or behind other traffic.
    • When the signal is green, check around the corner and continue when it’s safe to do so.
    • Give way to pedestrians and other vehicles if required.
    • Keep the vehicle in the correct position in the lane throughout the turn (no less than 1 metre and no more than 2 metres from the kerb).
    • Drive at an appropriate speed throughout the turn.
    • Check the mirrors again when turn completed.
    • Accelerate to an appropriate speed after completing the turn.
    • Perform the tasks at least three times.