Starting and stopping the engine


  • To start and stop the vehicle’s engine.


  • The vehicle should be parked somewhere safe and off the road, such as a driveway.
  • The vehicle should have the handbrake/park brake on and be in neutral (manual) or park (automatic).

The driver should

  • When starting the engine:
    • Make sure the handbrake/park brake is on.
    • Make sure the gears are in neutral (manual) or park (automatic).
    • Press the clutch pedal with left foot (manual) and press the brake pedal with right foot.
    • Turn the ignition key on, then turn it further to start the engine.
    • Let the key go as soon as the engine starts.
    • Check all gauges and warning lights.
  • When stopping the engine:
    • Push the clutch in (manual) and press the brake pedal.
    • Put handbrake/park brake on.
    • Put gears in neutral (manual) or park (automatic).
    • Check gauges and warning lights (only handbrake/park brake or park light should be on).
    • Turn the ignition key off and remove it from the ignition.
    • Perform the tasks at least twice.

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