Reversing in a straight line


  • To legally and safely reverse the vehicle in a straight line for 20 metres.


  • In a 60km/h zone, on a straight, flat road with light traffic flow.

The driver should

    • Choose a safe and appropriate place to stop and carry out the manoeuvre.
    • Check the mirrors (inside and outside).
    • Indicate left for at least three seconds before starting to move left.
    • Position the vehicle next to the kerb.
    • Hold down the brake pedal while putting the handbrake/park brake on.
    • Hold down the brake pedal while putting the vehicle in reverse gear.
    • Check mirrors and blind spots for hazards.
    • Turn to look over left shoulder through rear window in the direction the vehicle will travel in.
    • Slowly release the handbrake/park brake.
    • Press down on the accelerator slightly with right foot and slowly release the clutch pedal.
    • Slowly reverse in a straight line for 20 metres, while continuing to look through the rear window.
    • Smoothly bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
    • Put the car in neutral (manual) or park (automatic), put the handbrake/park brake on and switch off the engine.