Moving off from the kerb


  • To legally and safely pull out from the kerb, with the vehicle under full control, at the first attempt.


  • On a flat road in a 60km/h zone.
  • The vehicle should be stationary and parked legally and within 300mm of the left kerb, with at least 50 metres of straight road ahead.
  • The engine should be started, but the handbrake/park brake should be on and the vehicle should be in neutral (manual) or park (automatic).

The driver should

    • Search ahead and behind for hazards, using mirrors both inside and outside.
    • Indicate right for at least three seconds before moving.
    • Push in the clutch and put the vehicle in first gear (manual) or place right foot on the brake pedal and select drive (automatic).
      Note: when driving automatic vehicles, use the right foot for both the brake pedal and the accelerator.
    • Release handbrake/park brake.
    • Check mirrors again and check the right-hand blind spot with a head check over shoulder.
    • When it’s safe to move out, release the clutch and accelerate smoothly, quickly and safely into an appropriate gap.
    • Check mirrors again.
    • Adjust steering if necessary.
    • Perform the tasks at least three times.