Driving straight


  • To legally and safely drive the vehicle on a straight road in normal traffic conditions.
  • To position the vehicle correctly in relation to the road and other road users.
  • To stay within the posted speed limit and maintain place in traffic flow.


  • In a 60km/h zone.
  • On a two-way road with intersecting roads and no traffic signals (traffic lights).

The driver should

    • Keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane.
    • Keep the vehicle a safe distance from parked vehicles, kerbside hazards and oncoming vehicles.
    • Drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions.
    • Maintain their place in the traffic flow and keep a safe following distance (at least a two-second gap).
    • Check the mirrors regularly – about every 10 seconds.
    • Consistently search forward and to both sides to identify potential hazards.
    • Perform the tasks at least three times.