Changing gears

BDTAS Automatic
BDTAS Manual


  • To select the
  • appropriate gear and
  • use the clutch and accelerator in a coordinated manner.
  • To change gears smoothly (manual) while maintaining steering control and without looking at the gear lever.
  • To use the automatic transmission to slow the vehicle down (automatic).


  1. With the vehicle in a safe area with the engine off.
  2. With the vehicle running, on a road.

The driver should

  1. When stationary with engine off:
    • Accurately describe and explain the gear pattern.
    • Select appropriate gears when asked, with the clutch and accelerator used in a coordinated way, at least five times (manual).
  2. With engine started:
    • Move off smoothly from a stationary position in the appropriate gear (first gear for manual and drive for automatic).
    • Change gears in sequence, from first gear up to the highest gear that is suitable for the situation, without clashing or missing the gear and without jerking the vehicle (manual).
    • Change down through all gears without jerking or choosing the wrong gear (manual only), or shift automatic gearbox to lower gear (automatic).
    • Select the appropriate gear for the situation or road speed without over-revving or labouring the engine (manual).
    • Keep eyes on the road ahead rather than looking at gear lever.
    • Perform the tasks at least five times.

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