Online Instructor training and one to one tuition

Online training and one to one tuition

Barbados Driver Training Advisory Services – BDTAS instructor training course provides a mix of online and one to one training, developed in association with award winning online learning and development experts.  Our course takes our vast experience of working with instructors, trainees, learners and the Ministry of Transport & Works and brings it to life through an interactive online learning hub and 50 hours of quality, one to one in-car tuition.

Part 1 Theory training

Part 1 is online learning plus one to one tuition. The test is in two parts, multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test in which you’ll need to identify hazards in video clips. Our interactive learning hub delivers an engaging programme of instructor development, most importantly it gives you all the information, knowledge and scenarios you need to pass Part 1.

The Part 1 content blends the Part 1 Theory with the Part 2 practical ability training by showing how the theory is applied in practice. Videos featuring experienced trainers show how – with ‘talk through commentaries’ – and demonstrate best practice driving techniques. 

Part 2 Driver training

Part 2 training consists of 12 hours1 to 1 in car training with your driving instructor trainer and online elements, including video content and session plans. Your trainer will help you apply the knowledge you gained at Part 1 to ensure you are putting the theory into practice in your driving. Part 2 training helps you drive in a way that consistently demonstrates best practice driving technique (learned at Part 1 theory test).

The purpose of this section is to increase your awareness of your own driving, in preparation for you to observe and coach other’s driving when you are an instructor.

Our trainers understand the importance of both aspects and will coach you to success in each. These are the required elements of the Part 2 driving ability test around which this section of the course is based.


Part 3 Instructional training

Part 3 requires you to draw on the learning gained at Part 1 and Part 2. You’ll be shown how to pass this knowledge onto your future learner drivers. Your in-car trainer will coach you through 36 hours of driving, the aim being to make you a skilled instructor and ultimately pass the MTW test of instructional ability and qualify as an Approved Driving instructor (ADI). This is complemented by our new, online modules, designed to enhance your learning and understanding by focusing on the five key elements of instructional ability. Our extensive experience in driving instructor training has enabled us to pinpoint five key areas and give you the best opportunity to pass Part 3. We’ve developed an extensive “how to” section that will become a key part of your learning tool kit as you build up your knowledge and skill as a driving instructor. It’s all included in the price with unlimited access, you can also access all areas of the hub from day one, so you’re fully in control of the pace of your online learning.

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