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What does the course involve?


Needless to say, to be good at what you do you have to know your stuff!

driving instructor training

Our training course can help you become a successful driving instructor. You’ll receive 50 hours of training from a fully qualified BDTAS driving instructor trainer, and the online learning system lets you do the three parts of your driver training anytime, anywhere – at a pace that fits with your other commitments.

In addition to the online learning system, you’ll receive reference books and other supporting online materials.

To become a qualified BDTAS Approved Driving Instructor, you have to pass the BDTAS test, which is in three parts. The parts can be revisited as many times as you need.


Part 1 – Driving theory

This part can be done at home and using the online activities, and other supporting materials. You can arrange the test when you’re ready. Your instructor trainer will give you 2 hours of support for this part. You’ll be tested on road procedure traffic signs and signals, driving test and laws, and instructional techniques.



Part 2 – Driving ability

Part 2 – driving ability

Practical driving sessions with one of our instructor trainers will bring your driving ability up to the high level required by the DVSA. Your trainer – local to your area – will prepare you for a 1-hour practical test, and in-car and online support will also help you attain the high standard of competence required. In all, you’ll get 12 hours of 1-to-1 training, and additional time for 1-to-2 training in an in-car buddy-system.




Part 3 – Instructional ability

In this part of the test, you’ll demonstrate that you can teach others. During two 30-minute sessions, the examiner acts as a pupil in a role-play situation. For this module, you’ll receive 36 hours of training with your BDTAS trainer.

After passing all three parts of the BDTAS test, you’ll be awarded a green badge that means you’re a fully qualified instructor.



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